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Black Dagger Brotherhood

JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood
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This community is for fans of J.R.Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books.

Please read everything thoroughly before proceeding any further. Joining this community means that you have agreed to abide by the rules stated below. Note that we are not expecting to have to do much noodling, so it would be great if you could all fulfill our expectations :)

Please read the following information about this community:

1. This journal is friends only. This is due to discussions on spoilers and possible topics that may not be for everybody. Currently it is not moderated, so anyone can join. However, if any issues arise due to this, we will be changing it to require approval
2. This journal is for the discussion of JR Ward’s series the Black Dagger Brotherhood. It is in no way related to her official website or boards, though information from the boards may be discussed here
3. This journal will contain spoilers regarding the series. Although these spoilers will be located under the cut, please enter at your own risk.
4. This journal is Rated R! We may discuss topics such as BDSM, M/M pairings, carnal sexual content, etc. You have been warned.

The Rules

1. This journal is Rated R. As per Live Journal rules you must be over 18 to view this journal.
2. All spoilers must be posted under a cut with clear warnings

Please note that not everyone may have read all the books so if you are discussing something that potentially is a spoiler in a past book that isn’t new (e.g.: you are discussing something that happened in Lover Eternal) please note that, or put a warning.

How to put stuff under a cut

3. Please be nice to everyone. No bashing! Anyone who bashes will be banned.
4. Please do not use this community to bash people in the JR Ward boards.
5. Please put any discussions of a sexual nature, or of a Rated R nature under the cut, and clearly state the topic. This is so that people who are not comfortable with discussing certain topics can skip them.
6. Please be advised that JR Ward does not condone the writing of fanfiction. Please read our notes below.

On Fanfiction

Based on the survey we took in this community, most people either didn’t like fanfiction or didn’t care other way. For now, we will allow linking to fanfiction and discussion but no posting of actual fanfiction on the comm. Please put the link and discussion under a cut so that people who don’t want to read it can skip it. Would suggest creating a separate community to discuss it though, as there is some interest.

Rules for discussion on all new books

1. On the day of the release I will create 2 discussion entries, and everyone can start discussing there. One of these entries will be spoiler free and the other will have all the spoilers that you like. This is so that people who are still waiting for the book have a place to talk!
**this doesn't mean you can't start your own topics, see #2
2. You may discuss specific topics that include spoilers immediately after you have finished the book but please make sure to put it UNDER A CUT and clearly state that it is a spoiler!!!
3. I know we’re all excited about the next book. Let’s try not to spoil the experience for anyone, so as always, please be considerate when posting.

Thanks everyone for reading!
Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments.