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Black Dagger Brotherhood

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12/21/08 08:55 pm - jlightstar - New member..

Cut for F-list.Collapse )

9/27/08 03:56 pm - shaebay - Fanmix!

So I created a fanmix for the series. I've been working on it for about 9 months, so its like my baby, lol. In the books they listen to a lot of rap - well I can't do rap. I don't like it at all. Whenever they mention listening to music my mind changes it to my own kind of stuff. I'm posting this over in fanmix, too, so that is where the format comes from.

Medium: Books
Fandom: Black Dagger Brotherhood
Title: Shit Kicking 101 / Jarred
Warnings: spoilers ahoy!
Notes: I've included a link to every song so you can preview everything before downloading the mix. Most of them go to youtube because that is one of the easiest sites to find full songs, the few I couldn't find on youtube link elsewhere. Some of the versions are not exactly as they are in the mix. For some of them I couldn't find the right mix, so there are a few that are close, but not exact. Also, I had nothing to do with the creation of the videos, and the videos themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the Black Dagger Brotherhood.
Download: here

songs and descriptions under the cutCollapse )

9/14/07 11:31 pm - menage_a_kat - Lover Unbound Review

Angie over at Nice Mommy, Evil Editor has posted a review of Lover Unbound. It's interesting, particularly the last part of her review. She articulates how I felt after Lover Revealed, actually.

There are no spoilers, so you won't even have to cover your eyes. :-)

9/11/07 09:48 pm - larochka173 - mod post

Thanks very much for mentalpause35 for the wonderful background!!!

Based on the survey conducted below, we're soon going to make this a friends only comm seeing as everyone is keen to discuss spoilers. Will post the rules really soon! Have just got to talk it over.

Everything should be in place by the time V's book comes out (only two more weeks, right?).

Thanks for your patience.

9/6/07 08:23 pm - dd03 - SK signing

Hi, one and all!

Just a quick post to share my experience at the 8/14/07 Sherrilyn Kenyon booksigning.

You can find it at my lj...
my SK booksigning adventure!

How is everyone?

Any good books lately?

I've read Jacquelyn Frank's The Nightwalker Series: Jacob, Gideon, and the ARC for Elijah...which is quite awesome! Also, I've read Lara Adrian's Kiss of Midnight & Kiss of Crimson, and Christina Dodd's Scent of Darkness (1st of her Darkness chosen series).

And of course...I am impatiently waiting V's story to come out!!! SEPTEMBER 25TH, baby!!!

BDB: Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

WOOOOHOOOO! *clears throat* ...so I'm just a little excited... ^.~

Ok...hope all is well with you!

8/24/07 05:07 pm - asilversixpence - A Vicious Spoiler . . .

Hello BDB lovers. Siver_Sixpence coming in to say hello. I know everyone is freaking out waiting for their V fix, but don't worry. I have good news! I just wanted to let the community know that I found a spoiler about V's book. Don't say that I didn't warn you . . .
And for those that do read it, try to contain yourselves, and don't let the others know about it. Some people like the suspense!
Just thought some of you may appreciate it.

8/16/07 11:50 pm - sunshine_lami - How Long?? How Long??

ARRRGGGHHH - How many days until V?? I am going back and SLOWLY re-reading the series to get to know the Brothers better.....and will we finally see Lassiter??


8/8/07 10:18 pm - larochka173 - mod post

hi everyone! (waves!) I am a new moderator for this comm. Thanks bizarra!

this is my first community ever, so be gentle :)

first i'd like to ask for your suggestions as to what you'd like to see in this comm.
second, if anyone would like to design a black dagger-y background to be put up, please feel free!

last, I would like to ask a few questions re the future of this community! please take the poll, or comment, all comments/discussion welcome, but be nice to each other.

i am working on some FAQs and guidelines and will post them soon.

ETA, the day after This post has gotten some pretty great feedback so far, thanks everyone! Will wait for a few more days before putting all of it together and posting on your suggestions!

check out the poll here!Collapse )

8/7/07 07:41 pm - sunshine_lami - Speculation on V's book:

8/2/07 08:18 pm - mentalpause35 - Phury's cover!!!

The WARDen posted Phury's cover today!! 

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